We have two shipments of puzzles due in the later part of November that we are sure are going to appeal

First to arrive will be a selection of 500 and 1000 piece puzzles from Lemonade Persuits.

Lemonade Persuits has an interesting back story.  The company was started by Abigail who had been troubled by anxiety and Mental Health issues -  The following is from Lemonade Persuits website and sumarises the path from diagnosis to the wonderful puzzles they are now producing.


  • "I left the doctor’s office and decided to approach my new diagnosis just as I would a physical illness, identifying things that help and things that hurt. I quickly realized that puzzles make me feel great. Doing a puzzle is the only thing that slows down the buzzing in my brain. And, in solving a smaller puzzle, I have confidence to take on the challenges that life presents.
  • That’s when I decided to start Lemonade Pursuits. Our mission is to positively harness the mental energy that causes anxiety. In pursuit of this mission, we reinvented the jigsaw puzzle."

The puzzles feature art that uses design elements to foster relaxation and quiet the mind, such as natural fractals, seascapes, shades of blue, green landscapes and cheerful scenes. 

They are Eco friendly - the puzzles and boxes are made from recycled materials - they are printed with Soy inks -  and even the shrink wrap and plastic bag are made from biodegradable plastic

We have a seperate category for Lemonade Persuits puzzles - There is a display there now with the ability to purchase when the stock arrives.


The second shipment is from East Coast USA company Art & Fable

Again a selection of premium quality 500 and 1000 piece puzzles

These puzzles come with a huge reputation - what makes them so different, again we will let Art & Fable tell their own story


"Who says doing a puzzle can't be a tactile pleasure? The smooth- textured velvet touch pieces in our puzzle collection cultivates a luxurious puzzle experience". 


"In every Art & Fable puzzle box you will find 3 ( yes, three ) bonus items that we designed specifically to make your jigsaw experience better than ever."

High Quality Print   Box Top Stand   Resealable Bag


"We license images from talented artists to provide them with a new source of income for the artworks they produce".

A nice part of the enterprise is that part of the income supports a wide range of charities

These are the sort of puzzles you put away and bring out again to do again.