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New York Puzzle Company

Founded in 2007, New York Puzzle Company started with a simple idea of making a puzzle of the iconic NYC subway map. 

They quickly realized that there was a lack of interesting imagery in the puzzle world. They always felt that puzzles should be more than just a fun activity to do at home – puzzles should be works of interesting art. Part fun activity and part home décor, rather than throw them away when finished, they should be kept on display. 

They choose each new product line to follow this philosophy. From magazine covers with iconic art to composed art pieces with common themes, their products are all gallery worthy gifts.


 Quality Otter House 1000 Piece Puzzles From The UK 

Otter House House Specialises In Animal And Bird Puzzles

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 Pomegranate Jigsaw Puzzles From The USA

Premium Puzzles With Stunning Images

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2 New Ravensburger 1000 Piece Puzzles

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