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Are You Good At Problem Solving?

How About Combining A Murder Mystery With A Jigsaw Puzzle


We have available 2 of the Bepuzzled range of 1000 piece mystery jigsaw puzzles

Sherlock Holmes & The Speckled Band

Murder On The Titanic

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Educa Cartoon Puzzles  

Price Reduced for Ancient Egypt - Ancient Rome - Middle Ages


We have been Fortunate To Source A Number Of Rare Jigsaw Puzzles

In Brand New Unopened Condition

These Puzzles Were Popular  When First Released - If You Missed Out Then - Now Is Your Opportunity

Very Limited Numbers Available

(Please Note - Not Available for Overseas Shipping)

New Release Holdson 1000 Piece Puzzles

Now In Stock

Do you prefer larger sized puzzles - more than 500 or 1000 pieces?

Here is a selection from our puzzles with 2000 and above pieces




We Now Stock Wasjig Jigsaw Puzzles 

Very Popular Puzzles -  Where The Box Image Is Just A Hint To What The Puzzle Might Be

Below Is A Selection From Our Wasjig Range