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Explore our collection of quality Jigsaw Puzzles at Puzzlesnz

Adult jigsaw puzzles available to buy with something for everyone.  Wide range of sizes types styles and challenges from both Imported and locally made brands.

Just Arrived !

Whale Poo & CO2 1000 Piece Puzzle

Designed with elements that encourage the whole family to get involved this marine themed puzzle is both educational and fun to do.

  • Defined sections so multiple people can take part at the same time.

  • Find 120 creatures in the artwork for a fun "search and find" challenge!

  • Storytelling prompts to get the imagination firing.

  • Marvel as fascinating deep sea creatures take shape.

  • No boring bits

New Pomegranate Puzzles Have Arrived

See the full Pomegranate Puzzle range in our store

A Good Selection Of NZ Made Holdson Jigsaw Puzzles Available

Made using vegetable based inks and recyclable materials in their Auckland Factory, Holdson's have been supplying puzzles to Kiwi's for a very long time.  We have puzzles in 300XL  & 500XL as well as 1000 pieces

We Specialise In Art Jigsaw Puzzles

From Maximilien Luce to Van Gogh and Monet we have an extensive range of Art Jigsaw Puzzles for you to choose from.  Good range of sizes from 300 pieces and a wide variety of types and styles


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