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WerkShoppe 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Doggie Day Care

WerkShoppe USA


WerkShoppe 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Doggie Day Care

Art by Luka Va
Animal themes are one of Luka's favorites as there is a little bit of animal in everybody. The most interesting part is creating the anthropomorphic characters—figures of creatures having attributes of both city dwelling humans and animals in their natural wilderness. The inspiration originates from the various everyday rituals of human beings, and different techniques are used to capture it. Every artwork tells a story, and every character comes alive. “Sometimes I can feel them sitting in sketchbooks, hanging out on paper or canvas and watching me. Am I going crazy?”

500 piece jigsaw puzzle
Assembled puzzle size: 460mm x 610mm
Includes 2 reference art inserts
ESKA® 100% recycled board & non-toxic vegetable-based ink
Random-cut pieces
Box size: 205 x 254 x 50mm
Recommended age:  13+ years

SKU: 10000-1229

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